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The Hunchback of Notre Dame II 2002 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 200mb 480p 600mb 720p

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Download The Hunchback of Notre Dame II 2002 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 200mb 480p 600mb 720p

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II 2002 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 200mb 480p 600mb 720p

Post Updated: May 27th, 2019 , 8:09 pm

Rating: 4.8/10
Director: Bradley Raymond
Writer: Jule Selbo (screenplay), Flip Kobler (screenplay), Cindy Marcus (screenplay), Irene Mecchi (characters), Tab Murphy (characters), Jonathan Roberts (characters), Bob Tzudiker (characters), Noni White (characters)
Stars: Jason Alexander, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tom Hulce, Paul Kandel
Runtime: 68 min
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Released: 19 Mar 2002

Synopsis: Now that Frollo is gone, Quasimodo rings the bell with the help of his new friend and Esmeralda’s and Phoebus’ little son, Zephyr. But when Quasi stops by a traveling circus owned by evil magician Sarousch, he falls for Madellaine, Sarouch’s assistant. But greedy Sarousch forces Madellaine to help him steal the Cathedral’s most famous bell.
The film is set in 1488, six years after the events of the original film and the death of Judge Claude Frollo. Captain Phoebus serves as Paris’ Captain of the Guard under the new Minister of Justice. Phoebus and Esmeralda have married and have a 6-years-old son named Zephyr. Quasimodo is now an accepted part of Parisian society; though he still lives in Notre Dame de Paris with his gargoyle friends Victor, Hugo, and Laverne. Quasimodo still serves as the cathedral’s bell-ringer.
A circus troupe led by Sarousch enters town as part of “Le Jour d’Amour”, a day dedicated to the celebration of strong and pure romantic love (in a fashion similar to Valentine’s Day). Sarousch is secretly a master criminal who plans to steal Notre Dame’s most beloved bell, La Fidèle (“the faithful one”; a take on the real-life Notre Dame’s biggest bell, the Emmanuel), the inside of which is decorated with beige-cold and enormous jewels. He sends Madellaine, his aspiring assistant, to discover the whereabouts of La Fidèle.
Madellaine encounters Quasimodo without seeing his face, and the two of them initially get along quite well. Once Madellaine actually sees his face, she is shocked at his deformed appearance and runs away from him. The gargoyles convince Quasimodo to go to the circus to see her again. A circus performance is depicted. Sarousch captures the audience’s attention by making an elephant disappear, while his associates steal from the audience. Sarousch pressures Madellaine to follow Quasimodo and obtain the information the criminal needs for his plans. When Madellaine disagrees with this mission, Sarousch reminds her or her past and of the loyalty she owes him. When 6-years-old, Madellaine was a thief who was caught trying to steal coins from Sarousch. He could have turned her over to the authorities and Frollo. Instead Sarousch decided to take the girl under his wing and to train her.
Madellaine reluctantly takes the mission to win Quasimodo’s trust. After observing Quasimodo fondly playing with Zephyr and letting the boy sleep in his arms, Madellaine realizes that the scary-looking man is actually kind and gentle. She ceases to be frightened by his appearance. Quasimodo takes her sight-seeing around Paris. A rain forces them to end the date and return to Notre Dame. Quasimodo takes the opportunity to offer Madellaine a gift, a figurine in her own image. He created the artwork himself. A sincerely touched Madellaine kisses him on the forehead and leaves. Quasimodo soon realizes that he is in love with her.

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