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Redirected 2014 BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p HD 720p

Post Updated: May 27th, 2019 , 8:09 pm

Rating: 6.8/10
Director: Emilis Velyvis
Writer: Jonas Banys, Lewis Britnell (dialogue editor), Emilis Velyvis
Stars: Vinnie Jones, Scot Williams, Gil Darnell, Oliver Jackson
Runtime: 99 min
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Released: 10 Jan 2014

Storyline: REDIRECTED is an outrageous hangover-meets-guy-ritchie type criminal action-drama-thriller comedy with a distinctive flavor of Eastern European exotic. It tells a story of four friends turned first-time robbers John, Ben, Tim and Michael who accidentally get stranded in a middle-of-nowhere Eastern European country and have to fight their way back home through the land of whores, smugglers, dirty cops, cheap beer and sick fantasies. In order to save their asses, friends must not only overcome an ultimate culture shock experience, but also rediscover their friendship.

The plan seemed 100% bulletproof they take over an illegal casino in London, get the money, catch a plane to Malaysia and get lost in mind-blowing exotics of emerald jungle, golden beaches, cheap alcohol and teenage sex. The plan was a genius, and it worked. Almost.

They took over a casino and they got the money around one million pounds in cash. But the bad guys started shooting. Michael freaked-out and tried to back away. Tim had no chance but to beat sense into him with a fire extinguisher, which resulted in Michael boarding a plane senseless. The plane took off and And then a volcano in Iceland started spewing ash like crazy and all the flights had to be grounded. This is how John, Ben, Tim and Michael got stranded in some post-soviet Eastern European country with an unpronounceable name and sick attitude towards everything.

Thats where all the fun starts.

Michael wakes-up somewhere in a hotel, without a slightest idea where he is. He cant find his friends, but instead he finds the money that John hid inside a bath-tub. He hits the road with a sack full of cash only to learn that he is in London no more. Malaysia neither. The learning comes costly when local bullies rip him clean, setting Michael on a crusade to get back a million pounds in a country he doesnt know full of people he doesnt understand.

Meanwhile, after a night-time stroll through local bars and clubs, Ben and Tim wake up in some shabby countryside farmstead and accidentally start a personal war with local smugglers. They dont know where they are and cant find their way back instead they have to run for their lives, escaping from one crazy adventure right into another.

At the same time John wakes up alone in an empty apartment naked and chained to a radiator. After a horny Catholic priest tries to murder him with a hammer, John escapes still naked and chained to the radiator only to start a romance with a local hooker.

And above all this, a group of hit-men from London come to get their money back and teach John, Ben, Tim and Michael their last lesson. It all ends in a surreal wedding party that turns into a grotesque shoot-out with the local smugglers. John, Ben, Tim and Michael barely escape only to find themselves in a new situation that makes their all previous experiences look like a pleasant vacation.

From the creators of the all time best-grossing Lithuanian film Zero 2, REDIRECTED is an outrageous joy-ride targeted at international mature audiences. Fast-paced action, over-the-edge humor, politically incorrect jokes and a distinctive touch of Eastern European craziness will engage the viewers into an unforgettable on-screen adventure.

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