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Puli 2015 Dual Audio Hindi Tamil HDRip 300mb 480p 700mb 720p

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Download Puli 2015 Dual Audio Hindi Tamil HDRip 300mb 480p 700mb 720p

Puli 2015 Dual Audio Hindi Tamil HDRip 300mb 480p 700mb 720p

Post Updated: July 9th, 2021 , 11:10 am


Rating: 6.3/10
Director: Chimbudeven
Writer: Chimbudeven
Stars: Vijay, Sudeep, Sridevi, Prabhu
Runtime: 155 min
Genre: Fantasy
Released: 30 Sep 2015

Synopsis: Marudheeran (Vijay) is the adopted son of a tribal village chief Vembunathan (Prabhu). From a young age, he notices the atrocities regularly committed on the villagers by a group of people from the neighbouring kingdom of Vedalapuram called the Vedhalams, who have supernatural powers. When he becomes an adult, he starts to protect the villagers from the Vedhalams, because of which he is well respected by the villagers.

Marudheeran falls in love with his childhood sweetheart Pavazhamalli (Shruti Haasan) and both soon decide to marry. One day, Pavazhamalli is kidnapped by a group of Vedhalams, who then ransack the village and also kill Vembunathan. Marudheeran, along with his close friends Kodangi (Thambi Ramaiah) and Sama (Sathyan), begin a journey to Vedhalapuram to rescue Pavazhamalli. In the first part of the journey, he and his friends enter a part of a forest where invisible people are rumoured to live. It is actually tiny people who lived there and used arrows to drug Marudheeran and capture Sama and Kodangi. After waking up, the king Newton, decides that the must die by the sting of a poisonous spider. His daughter, Kamalakshmi, tells her father to stop, as his eyes don’t say that he is a Vedhalam. After ridding him of his gag, he tells them how Vedhalams took his wife and he journeys to get her and their village’s freedom back. They are overjoyed to help, since the Vedhalams eat them like side dishes. Newton introduces his cheifs, Alpha and Beta, and his wife and daughter, Flemming and Kamalakshmi. The trio tell them that they are looking for an old wise person whom the Tiny King says is a good friend of his. Alpha and Beta are assigned to take them to the old wise person and Kama asks to go and he permits her. It is revealed that the old wise person was actually an old wise turtle. The turtle tells them a bunch of senseless sentences and goes back into his humongous shell. When Kodangi insults him, he spits on him and they continue. They come to a huge gap in the valley in front of them. Following a sentence from the Turtle, he rolls a big rock with a scorpion painted on it into a big hole. A bridge connected to the other side and they went to that side. They come to a pond and don’t know what to do, so Alpha suggests that they check holy texts, which he has brought, when they find a different kind of leaf. It said they have to make a tube and blow from it and a green frog will show the way. Marudheeran blew and a frog came along. They checked it again and it said you will have to lick it’s back.

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