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My Bloody Valentine 2009 BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng Movie 300mb 480p HD 720p

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Download My Bloody Valentine 2009 BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng Movie 300mb 480p HD 720p

My Bloody Valentine 2009 BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng Movie 300mb 480p HD 720p

Post Updated: May 27th, 2019 , 8:09 pm

Rating: 5.5/10
Director: Patrick Lussier
Writer: Todd Farmer (screenplay), Zane Smith (screenplay), John Beaird, Stephen A. Miller
Stars: Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith, Betsy Rue
Runtime: 101 min
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Released: 16 Jan 2009

Storyline: In the mining town of Harmony, a drilling accident is caused by the son of the owner, Tom Hanniger. The mine collapses, burying six miners alive. The rescue team finds only Harry Warden alive, but in coma, and the other miners murdered by his pickax, and they conclude that Harry killed them to save oxygen for himself. On Valentine’s Day, Harry awakes from his coma in the local hospital, and he kills twenty-two people, including a group of teenagers that are partying in the mine. Harry is killed by the deputy, but the only survivors are Tom Hanniger, his girlfriend Sarah, their friend Axel Palmer and his girlfriend Irene. Ten years later, Tom returns to Harmony after the death of his father. Tom has decided to sell the Hanniger Mine, and finds that Sarah has married Axel, who is now the local sheriff, and they have a son named Noah. On Valentine’s Day, Harry Warden also returns, seeking revenge against those that had escaped his pickax in the past, and Tom is accused by Axel and other locals, who in turn makes accusations against Axel.
The movie starts with radio broadcasts and police communications going back and forth. Through them we learn that there has been a cave-in at the north side of Hanniger Mining Co. Eventually, rescue teams find six people in the shaft — five of them dead and one of them, Harry Warden (Richard John Walters), in a coma. The local papers are soon accusing Harry of having gone crazy and murdering the other five miners to prolong his air supply, and given the condition of some bodies there is enough evidence to support this. Exactly one year later, on Valentine’s Day, we see Harry’s brain remembering the last few minutes before the collapse, which consist of him telling Tom (Jensen Ackles), the son of the boss, to not screw up and threatening him a little. Something goes wrong, however, and soon everything is collapsing and Tom barely makes it out alive. Suddenly Harry wakes up and looks around, trying to bring his memory up to date. A nurse enters the room and before she can sound the alarm, gets killed by Harry.
Some time later, we see a bunch of miners searching the rubble for any survivors. One guy thinks he sees something and heads on ahead. He starts talking to the victim he found, Tom, and telling him he’ll be okay. Tom stares at the guy, seemingly not comprehending, and then he picks up a pickaxe and drives it through the guys skull. Outside, Sarah and Axel are being brought out — her on her feet, him on a stretcher. They tell each other they love each other as Martin approaches. He asks them what happened to Tom and they tell him that Tom is dead. As the ambulance drives away, the rescue team comes out, all accounted for. They start to disperse, heading their separate ways, and one of them pauses at the top of the hill for a look around. He takes off his mask, and glances around. Tom nods, satisfied, and then heads off into the forest…

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