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Freezer 2014 BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p

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Freezer 2014 BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p

Post Updated: May 27th, 2019 , 8:09 pm

Rating: 5.2/10
Director: Mikael Salomon
Writer: Tom Doganoglu, Shane Weisfeld
Stars: Peter Facinelli, Dylan McDermott, Yuliya Snigir, Rafael Petardi
Runtime: 91 min
Genre: Action, Thriller
Released: 19 Jun 2014

Synopsis: Robert is an ordinary man who is faced with extraordinary circumstances. He is locked in a meat freezer by Russian thugs who believe that he owes them 8 million dollars. Robert, who is in every frame of the film soon discovers that he is not alone in the freezer. Sam, a stranger, is also locked in with him, and it becomes a struggle to survive the cold and the forces that are against them.
Dylan McDermott stars as Robert Saunders, a New York City mechanic who is knocked unconscious at his birthday dinner and wakes up to find himself locked inside the restaurant’s walk-in freezer. But why he’s there – and how he’ll survive – will reveal a chilling nightmare of mistaken identity, the Russian mob, a missing $8 million, and a wounded cop (Peter Facinelli) who may hold the key to it all. The temperature is dropping. The fear is growing. And for a man caught between frozen death and vicious thugs, what happens next may lead to the most cold-blooded twist of all.
When Oleg arrives, he finds Robert and identifies him as the assassin who previously failed to kill him. Once Robert drops his claimed innocence and acknowledges the truth, he and Oleg fight as Alisa and Stepan look on. Due to his weakened state, Oleg gains the upper hand but is killed by Alisa before he can finish off Robert. Alisa is in fact Robert’s girlfriend and had been working on the inside for him. A wounded Stepan escapes and locks the two inside. Robert uses the severed electrical wires to cause the metal meat rack to give off enough heat to warm their hands. At this time, Detective Dorian arrives and demands to know where the money is after instructing the two to bind their hands to the rack. Alisa confesses that the money has been inside the meat locker the entire time, hidden inside the boxes of cuts. While Dorian is distracted with this, Alisa and Robert escape by burning through the zip ties binding their wrists together on the heated rack.
Robert and Alisa use a semi-truck to hook up to the freezer with the money and Dorian inside. After traveling to a port, they load the container onto a cargo ship. Alisa gives Robert a “birthday present” from Oleg, a box of cuts holding a large amount of money. They drive off planning a warm vacation, but not before knocking an injured Stepan into the bay.

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